Short Term or Accidental Landlords

There are many situations that arise where people find themselves in a position where they become an accidental or short term landlord. In many cases our clients will want to return to their home and will therefore want a good tenant who will keep the place in good order, especially if the furniture has been left in the property. They have been forced by situations often beyond their control to make a conscious decision to become a landlord.

Although our contracts are for 6 months onwards, we have many connections around Harrogate and Leeds and are able to point you in the right direction.

Situations include:
Changes in work circumstances or going abroad - This can be for a flexible or set period of time and will usually require the property on their return.

Unable to sell your home and have to move - Often for a short period of time between circumstances.

Inherited home - There is no guarantee that this type of property will be easy to let, as it was never designed to be let out and likely to have been inherited from parents that have passed away. However, there is often no mortgage on the property so that generally makes the landlord more flexible as far as rent is concerned. 

Holiday lets -  They may have a second home: and want to let out as a holiday home whilst they are not living in it. This is very area specific and generally takes a bit more work as the property will require bedding, towels and obviously cleaning services will also be needed however, holiday lets are lucrative and worth looking at. 

Retiring Overseas -  Many people are retiring overseas and reliant on rental income from their previous dwelling to supplement their pension income. 

Couples becoming as one - Where couples live together or marry and have an additional property.

How can R&W Lettings help you?

It is our strong recommendation that accidental landlords use a letting agent because often they have not made a conscious decision to become a landlord and in many cases undertook little research into the matter at the time and stress can be a strong factor in landlords making poor decisions.

We take on every individual case differently and specific to the landlords needs. We are able to advertise the properties on our own website and finding a tenant quickly, take on the paperwork so that everything is legal and both tenant and landlord are happy.

We take the stress out of what can sometimes be a very stressful situation.

Contact Us:

To find out how you can benefit from using our services call 01423 568866 / 0113 816 0186 or 0113 350 1638. We offer a free no obligation meeting to start the process. Contact us now - we are here to help you save time and money.

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